main reasons for the wear of instruments When processing wood and wood-based panels:
Characteristics of coatings developed for wood cutting tools
Coatings for tools for processing of wood and wood-based panels
We offer a wide range of hard wear-resistant coatings suitable for tools for processing wood and wood-based panels. Their characteristics lead to repeatedly extend the life of tools depending on the operating mode.
If your production is automated and high volume, if you work on an assembly line and use a large amount of cutting tools and the auxiliary time for replacement of worn tools is important, then wear resistant coatings are appropriate for your business.
Carbon-based nanocomposite coatings have high wear resistance, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, hardness, adhesion, resilience to shocks and a low coefficient of friction and low surface energy, which reduces the probability of particles of the processed material sticking to the cutting edge, prolonging the life of your tools and thus greater productivity.
Coatings can be deposited on mills, drills, circular mills, crusher blades, counter blades and other cutting tools made ​​of HSS and WC.