main reasons for the wear of instruments When processing platics:
Characteristics of coatings developed for tools for machining plastics
Industrial applications of our technology
Coatings for tools for machining plastics
We offer you a wide range of hard wear resistant coatings based on carbon-based nanocomposites, suitable for tools for machining plastics. The characteristics of the coatings lead to repeatedly extend tool life, reducing the effect of the main reasons for their wear out.
Wear resistant coatings help you reduce the auxiliary time for replacement of worn tools, essential for automated industries with high batch production.
Carbon-based nanocomposites are characterized by high wear resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion, hardness, adhesion, resilience to shocks, a low friction coefficient and low surface energy, which leads to a reduction of the probability of sticking particles of the material being processed to the cutting edge, a life extension of your tools and thus greater productivity.
Our coatings are suitable for tools processing the following types of plastics:
  • Polyamide (Nylon)
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Polystyrene
  • Polyvinyl chloride
Thermoreactive plastics
  • Bakelite
  • Getinax
Composite plastics
  • Textolite
  • Glass textolite

Coatings can be deposited on mills, drills, circular mills, crusher blades, counter blades and other cutting tools made ​​of HSS and WC.

Drill Tool: Drill Ф1,5
Material: WC
Coating: multilayer, TiN/TiCN/nc-TiCN:a-C/a-C
Application: suitable for drilling of glass-reinforced resin for printed circuit boards
Life extension: 2,5-3 times while machining aluminum alloy