our coatings
General specifications of our coatings
Our coatings
Our technological equipment allows the deposition of a wide range of hard wear resistant coatings based on nitrides and carbo-nitrides of transition metals - titanium, aluminum, chromium, niobium, vanadium, etc.., as well as gradient and multilayer coatings that have properties suitable for various cutting conditions and various processed materials.

The main advantages provided by our coatings are
  • smoothness , due to non-availability of particles
  • elasticity , because of the fine structure and low level of stress
  • low coefficient of friction , due to the high smoothness
  • low density of surface defects , which leads to increased corrosion resistance
  • precise control of the composition and thickness of the various undercoats, thanks to the automatic control of the process parameters during application
TITANIUM NITRIDE - TiN hardness (0.05N) 2400±50Hv
coefficient of dry friction 0.3
maximum operating temperature 550°C
adhesion - Lc1 >> 30N
colour golden yellow
TITANIUM CARBONITRIDE - TiCN hardness (0.05N)3200±100Hv
coefficient of dry friction0.25
maximum operating temperature 400°C
adhesion - Lc1 >> 30N
colour brick red
CHROMIUM NITRIDE - CrN hardness (0.05N) 2000±50Hv
coefficient of dry friction 0.25
maximum operating temperature 900°C
adhesion - Lc1 >> 30N
colour silver gray
TITANIUM ALUMINUM NITRIDE - TiAlN hardness (0.05N) 2800±100Hv
coefficient of dry friction 0.4
maximum operating temperature 900°C
adhesion - Lc1 >> 30N
colour violet or blue violet
ALUMINUM TITANIUM NITRIDE - AlTiN hardness (0.05N) 3300±100Hv
coefficient of dry friction 0.48
maximum operating temperature 900°C
adhesion - Lc1 >> 30N
colour dark blue to black
coefficient of dry friction 0.27-0.3
maximum operating temperature 900°C
adhesion - Lc1 12-14N
wetting angle 85°-91°
colour metallic gray